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I have over twenty years of experience with consulting, specifying, designing, building and supporting industrial control systems for critical infrastructure customers including water/wastewater, oil and gas, and power generation in both here in Australia and in the UK and NZ. I have a personal interest in cloud computing and digital transformation, and the benefits that can bring to modern businesses. Below you will find key areas where I can help businesses improve, grow and to reduce its risk, across all business sectors including IT. Using the details below you should hopefully have an understanding of the wide range of areas I can help you with and trigger a thought process on how I can benefit you and your business.

Please give me a call or email me if you have any questions on the information below, or if you would like to discuss using my services for ad-hoc, short, medium or long-term engagements.

Contact Details

Contact me on +61 447 193 770 or email me at

Capabilities Summary

For full details see, or contact me for my most recent résumé or copies of any certifications.

Digital / Cloud Solutions

IT and OT Cybersecurity

SCADA / ICS / Telemetry Solutions

The Power of Cross Domain Knowledge

My knowledge and experience in each of the domains of knowledge covering cybersecurity, digital solutions and SCADA implementation on their own will allow your business to improve through reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs, by maximising value of your existing data or achieving IT/OT convergence. However, the full advantage that I can bring to you is when these areas are combined. For example IoT solution design whilst complying with internal and external cybersecurity requirements, or SCADA solutions that maximise the value of the data collected by using digital technologies.

I look forward to hearing from you on how I can help your business.

Expected Availability

The following dates are indicative and will depend on current engagements. Contact me for confirmation of availability.

Until 2nd September 2024No availability
2nd September 2024 onwardsLimited availability